Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where To Cash Out When The Dinar RV'S?

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Waiting For The Iraqi Gov to RV the Dinar is a game of patience.They work ever so slow but they are Progressing.It looks right now that it could RV any time now or it could take a few more weeks or months.If that makes sense but it will RV.
 I read some new information this morning but still confirming some of the intell,will post later
 I had a Question about cashing out in Canada once it RV"s
First of all,the Dinar is still pretty much an EXOTIC Currency worth about 1170 dinar to 1 US dollar.It won't be a World Tradeable currency until it RV's .Once it rv's most Banks in Canada will deal with it .I have confirmed with Scotia Bank that they will deal with Dinar once it RV's.I will let you know more info once it RV's.So please don't PESTER the banks until this happens .We still have find out what their spread will be first(the difference between what they pay you and what it RV's at ).
Currency Exchanges will probably cash out your dinars too but still got to watch the spread,You would also be best to call ahead to see once it RV's to check amount you can cash out at a time or make arrangements for larger amounts.
DinarBanker will have places to cashout at Toronto,Calgary and Vancouver airports,You can go online at for more info
Dinartrade will have a office in Vancouver once it RV's( closest office for Southern Ontario is Toledo Ohio.
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