Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two Banks closing early in Iraq for possible Training

Good Morning

I just got word from Boots On The Ground (US Armed Forces IN IRAQ) on The DV Forum that the Bank of Baghdad and the North Bank on the base had closed early for training.This was confirmed by several( BOTG) on that base.Interesting
 We also have seen the Dinar on Forex Markets being refreshed every minute.No price adjustment but live on Forex.Also interesting
 It looks like something could be happening,time will tell though.Just for those that don't know the Iraqi work week runs from Sunday till Thursday,their holy day is Friday
 As i stated in the last update Baghdad Iraq is hosting the Arab Summit this year with all of the ME countries .
 Iraq is doing a lot of preparations for this,like Security,Renovating Hotels etec .This is a Big Deal
 The Summit is in the latter half of March.Iraq will want to look good for this,like having a Tradeable Currency that is worth something..If they are going to have a Tradeable currency they have to do this soon.
 Iraq is also trying to GET into theWorld Trade Org (WTO),you need a Tradeable Currency for this too

So a lot of events are happening(Please Don't buy any more dinar because of this info).Dinars are getting harder to get.I've had reports of taking 2 to 3 weeks to getting them from the Currency Exchange in Sudbury
  I'm going to be approaching the Scotia Bank once this RV's to get the best rate possible through the bank..If we go as a Group usually a better spread .So if you are interested get yourself an account at Scotia now,usually you have to make an appointment to do this.I've already talked to Scotia,they will be dealing with dinars once this RV's.(Don't pester them now).
 So that is it for now,I will post any new info as it ,Any Questions Please Email me and i will get back to you

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