Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Opinion of Dinar Daddy on When RV might happen

I just want you to know that despite the predictions of those who post almost daily that the event either has or is going to manifest itself within the next 24-48 hours, and their information yet again not coming true this week, and even me being more negative about such information than usual over the past few days, that I personally believe and hope to see this come to an end before the Arab Summit in March.
Here’s my theory… and it ties all scenarios together. Take it as my speculation/theory. This isn’t intel, but information I’m piecing together in the order I think it is happening…
1) Iraq’s government being complete (i.e. Security positions filled and approved) is a stipulation the IMF and world governing bodies have placed on Iraq. They don’t want to give Iraq a valued currency that can’t be secured and protected by a rogue government and feuding country. Get security resolved and then this can move forward… Budget passage is part of that “feuding government”. Get it under control and the world can now allow the RV.
2) China’s involvement in this has to do with them being part / governing bodies needing them to be part of the Global Settlements and movement of funds throughout the world to fund the RV. This is a massive coordination effort by the largest powers of the world. As such, everyone needs to be on the same page before they set it in motion. It is my opinion that China is utilizing its final negotiation power in this process while things are still unsettled in Iraq. I believe everything will come together with all the final, major players as this officially winds down, and the trigger is pulled. We are simply seeing the pieces fall into place, and, as you can imagine, these would be the final plays in everyone’s playbook before the new beginning. It is my opinion China is helping and working and coordinating with the US, not slowing us down or getting in the way.
3) Governing powers can be patient in this process regardless of what everyone says. They can wait for Iraq to work itself out, but there will eventually come a time when the wait will be over. Until that time, they will use Iraq and their information (i.e. government formation, internal feuds, etc.) as an excuse to continue doing what they need to do behind the scenes, as a world governing body, prior to this event. Most of what are the real reasons are for this not happening yet are not shared or known. We make sense of the obvious, and that’s what they wish for us to believe. So, be patient, and when they wish for this to happen, then they will point out the obvious of what WE feel we know, having hidden the private matters, and use that as the natural progression to an RV or change in the currency. It may not be the real reason, but it will be OUR reason, and that’s good enough for me, as it should indicate an RV that will reward all of us.
I just felt I needed to clear the air on that. I know I need to be careful with my information, but I’ve probably been a bit too cryptic lately, and I need to exude more positivity, as I know many are hurting right now. I have confidence in this investment. I just won’t get into predictions of date and rate like others seem to do due to all the above circumstances, information, and global coordination efforts.
I don’t endorse or believe any specific information that is shared on the forums, and neither should you. With that said, I will continue to post that information here for all to reference and to be made aware of.
Go Dinar!

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