Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update From Adam Montana(Dinar Vets)

Iraq has made some very very VERY exciting headway! They have 90% of what needs to be done…. done. They are very close to being able to revalue the dinar, BUT this is not something that will happen lightly!
Iraq always has and always moved slow. They likely have much planning to do before they can surprise and astound the world with a revalued currency. They would be irresponsible to do it without planning and planning again to cover all contingencies.
Iraq is moving forward, and so is our investment. 2011 looks like it will be a very good year indeed!

Adam has been in this investment since about 2003,He has a lot of legit contacts in middle east and one in the CBI



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  1. If the Iraqi dinar does again revalue to a one-to-one exchange rate, that means for every dollar you've invested you'll make $800. For every thousand, it's $800 thousand. So you literally could become very, very wealthy overnight. I think the revaluation is going to happen relatively soon. Like in the next month or so. Click here to know more about how can you buy iraqi dinar