Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is a Dinar and Where is Iraq?How are we going to make money from it?

 Iraq is an Oil,Natural Gas and Mineral Rich Country in the Middle East.It has oil reserves that are about the 3rd largest in the World.It is a Developing Country of about 30 million people,7 million of Iraqis are dirt poor from years of  War and Dictatorship.
The Dinar is the currency of Iraq .It takes about 1170 dinar to equal 1 US dollar.It is expected that with their new Democractic Government which has been a work in Progress since March 7/2011 to Present Day Formed,Their 2011 Government Budget Passed and All The Chapter 7 Sanction Imposed by the UN lifted that their Dinar Currency will Revalue(RV) To around the Approximate value of the US Dollar.So if you bought 100,000 dinar,if it RV"S it would be equal to 100,000 US Dollars.Please make sure you know up FRONT that this is A Speculation Investment,(This might not happen).The only things in life for certain are Death and Taxes.Also I don't SELL DINAR OR PROMOTE Dinar For Anyone.So if you decide to buy Dinars only buy what you can afford to buy just like any other investment.Dinar is a Currency,It has value and you will always be able to cash it back in .You will probably lose a bit on exchange though.
 The Purpose of this Blogg is to help Canadians or Americans with information about Iraq.Why this RV will
happen?Where to buy Dinars?Where to Cash in ? Etec
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