Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ministry of Commerce announced delegation went to Geneva

Ministry of Commerce(Iraq) announced that a delegation went to Geneva To work on steps to get into World Trade Organization (WTO).In order to trade world wide you need to belong to the WTO and you also have to have a Tradeable Currency.
There seems to be a lot of confusion going on .Hopefully on Jan 30th when Parliament Resumes we can better see what is going on .
 From the Intel I've been getting the 2011 budget is going to have final reading and be passed.Keep your fingers crossed
 I also heard that the final ministers for the GOI will be announced and if that happens Shabibi who is governor of the CBI should be announcing the RV.I also heard that Maliki(PM) and Shabibi are fighting over control of the CBI(central bank of iraq).Who knows it could all be a smoke screen.
  Also the Arab Summit is on March 8th. in Baghdad.I thought it was later in the month.My thinking is that they will want a World Tradeable Currency before the Summit happens.

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