Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hi Guys I'm Still Here

Good Morning fellow Canadian Iraqi Dinar Followers I'm Still around and still looking for an RV.I like everyone thought maybe it would RV following getting out of Chapter 7,but it didnt happen but getting out of Chapter 7 was a huge step forward for Iraq.
Ramadan should be over on August 8th Approx,Hopefully we will get a nice surprise then or shortly after.We still need the HCL Hydro Carbon law to be passed and posted in the Gazette.When that happens we should be just about Home Free then.
I'm Still have the contact with the Scotia Bank and like everyone else waiting on it to be Revalued.Its hard getting much information out of Scotia tell we have a rate but if we go as as a group we will get a better rate of exchange.Make sure u have a free account set up in advance so your ready to go.
Next week could be an exciting week for us but hang in there if RV doesn't happen.Its going to happen  sometime in the future.
I will post again as soon as i hear any good news
I like to thank everyone for visiting my Blog Todate i've had almost 20,000 visiters from Canada,US and all around the world

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 Every one

Hi,I hope everyone had a Great New Year.Nothing new to report other than we are still making progress.Iraq will revalue the Dinar when they are ready and not before.We can only hope they can speed it up a bit.
If anything big happens  like an RV I will announce it on here and move forward with the cash out plan at that time.So all we can do at this time is stay patient

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Will The Iraqi Dinar For Canadians RV In October 2012

Things are looking encouraging this month.Chapter 7 looks like its all but rubber stamped,They are working on the HCL and it looks like this law could soon be passed soon.Very encouraging.Lets hope they get this done this month..
 Ok i'm still getting a lot of people still wanting to talk to someone in the Scotia Bank.Most bank employees will tell you that they do not deal with the Iraqi  Dinar,Its an exotic Currency from a Hostile country and we do'nt deal with it.Or they will go on the currency exchange
  and tell you its worth approx 1166 dinar to one US dollar.
 They are not going to tell you anything even if they knew regarding the RV of the Iraqi Dinar.Like i said a few times on here i have a contact with the Scotia Bank
If your going to cash out with the Scotia Bank,Open a free account now,sign up to folllow my Blog.Wait for the RV to happen.It might be this month or could be at some later date down the road,nobody knows.
  If you have any questions you can't find on the blog send me an email
Cash Out

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where do we stand,Regarding the Iraqi Dinar RV For Canadians?

Good Morning Fellow Iraqi Dinar holders in Canada and around the world.Yes i get people reading my Blog from around the World.Are we going to have a  Revalue of the Iraqi Dinar soon?No one knows for sure but we are hearing a lot of positive info saying that it will.Don't go out and put any deposits on any  houses or cars just yet.This could go into 2013 but we hope not.
We have parliament back in session,Talabanie returning from Germany and we have the Iraqi Finance Conference in The UK on September 18,19 2012.
 We also have a new group of Canadians from The Niagara-Windsor area of Southern Ontario that have set up a Blog that deals with cash in  once the Iraqi Dinar Revalues.I have contacted them but haven't heard much back.I hope we can all work together to help Dinar Holders across Canada and around the world to cash in once the Dinar Revalues
Every one should have an account set up with Scotia Bank by now so they are ready to cash in when the RV happens

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Iraqi Dinar for Canadians(Ramadan almost over)

Hi,Its been a couple of months since I've did a post on here.I hope every one has had a Great summer and gone about your business.As the title says their 30 day religious holiday is just about over ,i think on aug 19th,then they have 3 days of celebration(EID) and then back to business.We are now looking for a September to January 2013 timeline.Hopefully sooner than later.I have received information about  about a big Iraqi financial conference in London UK in mid September.There will be a lot of bank and gov people from Iraq there.I guess they will be looking for investment in Iraq.Shabibi head of CBI and also the guy who will be pulling the trigger for the Dinar Revaluation will be in attendance.

I've been getting a lot of emails regarding about where to buy Dinars in Canada and where to buy Dinars period.I'm not here to push buying Dinar,I'm here to help people of Canada and other countries that have already invested in Dinars and looking for assistance cashing out  when it Revalues.I don't get paid for pushing Dinars.A lot of the Gurus  out there push Dinar and give you a % off if you buy through their trader.
 If any one out there that knows anyone that sells Dinar in Canada send me an Email and i will post it on here.Its up to you if you choose to buy from them .i will not endorse it ,just passing on info.I've heard of Dinar trade Canada i think they are in Oshawa.Don't know of anyone else.There are still a few places in states that sell Dinars.Easy to find on Guru websites.
 I'm still getting a lot of folks going into banks looking for Info regarding cash out  of the Dinar.They can't tell you anything even if they knew.Once it revalues and becomes a world tradeable currency that will be a different matter.

Ok I have a contact within Scotia Bank.When it revalues i'll be cashing out through there along with everyone on here that has indicated an interest in doing so with me .We are a large group,Money talks.
I'm going to give you a sample of how this will work(sample only)In the banking industry the more money you got the nicer they are to you.I figure when the Dinar  revalues the spread on cashing in will be 2 to approx 5 %.This just a guessament  not written in stone.So if you go into the bank with your million dinars to cash out  you will probably be offered 3 to 5 %.If we as as a group go into the same bank and say we have a billion dinars to cash out for example  we will probably looking at at least 2% or less.Maybe even 1 % or less.So if it revalues for 1 dinar to 1 dollar US.1 % will cost you $10,000. on a million.5% will cost  $50,000 on a million.So  if you have a few million dinar a good spread counts.
Remember this is an example above only.
The spread is the difference between the revalue rate and the amount the bank exchanges it for.

The next time i post i hope it is for the real deal.I don't post a daily play by play like a hockey game.Things are looking good.They are getting their ducks in a row and getting along better.
Any questions please ask

Cash out

Monday, June 18, 2012

Iraqi Dinar For Canadians June outlook

How is everything looking for the Iraqi Dinar for an RV for June 2012?
It doesn't look like The UN is going  to release Iraq from Chapter 7.I don't think they are happy with their progress so far.We should find out for sure on Tuesday.
Still no HCL law passed.
We have their month long Religious holiday coming up mid July so if it doesn't happen by then we are looking at Sept till sometime in 2013.There is still a lot of political unrest in Iraq.They need to get this straighten out.
Thats all i have right now.To me it looks like a longer wait,I hope i'm wrong.
 In my next post i'll talk about possible exchange rates when it Rvs

Monday, June 4, 2012

How is June Looking for An Iraqi Dinar Revaluation

June is still looking very good for an Iraqi Dinar Revaluation.A lot is happening in Iraq this month.
The Un meets on the 15th regarding chapter 7 removal
Tarriffs going into effect at end of June
Iraq gets reviewed again for entry into WTO
Parliament is back from holidays
The biggest thing holding this up is the political crises in Iraq.Still too much bickering going on.Nothing being accomplished.
The Banks in Canada will not be doing anything until the revaluation.I'm working with the Scotia Bank.So if haven't already open up an account there and go on living your life.This will happen when it happens.
What ever you do,Do not give out any Personal  information  to be on the Okie Wells Fargo team.Okie predicts the Rv at least once a week and it hasn't happened yet.Most of these Gurus work for Dinar Traders.They get you all excited so you will buy more Dinars.If you have already bought all you can afford you are done.Don't get rapped up in all the Hype.
I will post on this Blog when the RV happens so you are covered.
 Thats all the info I have for now.Any questions email me
Take Care
Cash1324 out