Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where do we stand,Regarding the Iraqi Dinar RV For Canadians?

Good Morning Fellow Iraqi Dinar holders in Canada and around the world.Yes i get people reading my Blog from around the World.Are we going to have a  Revalue of the Iraqi Dinar soon?No one knows for sure but we are hearing a lot of positive info saying that it will.Don't go out and put any deposits on any  houses or cars just yet.This could go into 2013 but we hope not.
We have parliament back in session,Talabanie returning from Germany and we have the Iraqi Finance Conference in The UK on September 18,19 2012.
 We also have a new group of Canadians from The Niagara-Windsor area of Southern Ontario that have set up a Blog that deals with cash in  once the Iraqi Dinar Revalues.I have contacted them but haven't heard much back.I hope we can all work together to help Dinar Holders across Canada and around the world to cash in once the Dinar Revalues
Every one should have an account set up with Scotia Bank by now so they are ready to cash in when the RV happens

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