Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Will The Iraqi Dinar For Canadians RV In October 2012

Things are looking encouraging this month.Chapter 7 looks like its all but rubber stamped,They are working on the HCL and it looks like this law could soon be passed soon.Very encouraging.Lets hope they get this done this month..
 Ok i'm still getting a lot of people still wanting to talk to someone in the Scotia Bank.Most bank employees will tell you that they do not deal with the Iraqi  Dinar,Its an exotic Currency from a Hostile country and we do'nt deal with it.Or they will go on the currency exchange
  and tell you its worth approx 1166 dinar to one US dollar.
 They are not going to tell you anything even if they knew regarding the RV of the Iraqi Dinar.Like i said a few times on here i have a contact with the Scotia Bank
If your going to cash out with the Scotia Bank,Open a free account now,sign up to folllow my Blog.Wait for the RV to happen.It might be this month or could be at some later date down the road,nobody knows.
  If you have any questions you can't find on the blog send me an email
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