Thursday, August 16, 2012

Iraqi Dinar for Canadians(Ramadan almost over)

Hi,Its been a couple of months since I've did a post on here.I hope every one has had a Great summer and gone about your business.As the title says their 30 day religious holiday is just about over ,i think on aug 19th,then they have 3 days of celebration(EID) and then back to business.We are now looking for a September to January 2013 timeline.Hopefully sooner than later.I have received information about  about a big Iraqi financial conference in London UK in mid September.There will be a lot of bank and gov people from Iraq there.I guess they will be looking for investment in Iraq.Shabibi head of CBI and also the guy who will be pulling the trigger for the Dinar Revaluation will be in attendance.

I've been getting a lot of emails regarding about where to buy Dinars in Canada and where to buy Dinars period.I'm not here to push buying Dinar,I'm here to help people of Canada and other countries that have already invested in Dinars and looking for assistance cashing out  when it Revalues.I don't get paid for pushing Dinars.A lot of the Gurus  out there push Dinar and give you a % off if you buy through their trader.
 If any one out there that knows anyone that sells Dinar in Canada send me an Email and i will post it on here.Its up to you if you choose to buy from them .i will not endorse it ,just passing on info.I've heard of Dinar trade Canada i think they are in Oshawa.Don't know of anyone else.There are still a few places in states that sell Dinars.Easy to find on Guru websites.
 I'm still getting a lot of folks going into banks looking for Info regarding cash out  of the Dinar.They can't tell you anything even if they knew.Once it revalues and becomes a world tradeable currency that will be a different matter.

Ok I have a contact within Scotia Bank.When it revalues i'll be cashing out through there along with everyone on here that has indicated an interest in doing so with me .We are a large group,Money talks.
I'm going to give you a sample of how this will work(sample only)In the banking industry the more money you got the nicer they are to you.I figure when the Dinar  revalues the spread on cashing in will be 2 to approx 5 %.This just a guessament  not written in stone.So if you go into the bank with your million dinars to cash out  you will probably be offered 3 to 5 %.If we as as a group go into the same bank and say we have a billion dinars to cash out for example  we will probably looking at at least 2% or less.Maybe even 1 % or less.So if it revalues for 1 dinar to 1 dollar US.1 % will cost you $10,000. on a million.5% will cost  $50,000 on a million.So  if you have a few million dinar a good spread counts.
Remember this is an example above only.
The spread is the difference between the revalue rate and the amount the bank exchanges it for.

The next time i post i hope it is for the real deal.I don't post a daily play by play like a hockey game.Things are looking good.They are getting their ducks in a row and getting along better.
Any questions please ask

Cash out

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