Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hi Guys I'm Still Here

Good Morning fellow Canadian Iraqi Dinar Followers I'm Still around and still looking for an RV.I like everyone thought maybe it would RV following getting out of Chapter 7,but it didnt happen but getting out of Chapter 7 was a huge step forward for Iraq.
Ramadan should be over on August 8th Approx,Hopefully we will get a nice surprise then or shortly after.We still need the HCL Hydro Carbon law to be passed and posted in the Gazette.When that happens we should be just about Home Free then.
I'm Still have the contact with the Scotia Bank and like everyone else waiting on it to be Revalued.Its hard getting much information out of Scotia tell we have a rate but if we go as as a group we will get a better rate of exchange.Make sure u have a free account set up in advance so your ready to go.
Next week could be an exciting week for us but hang in there if RV doesn't happen.Its going to happen  sometime in the future.
I will post again as soon as i hear any good news
I like to thank everyone for visiting my Blog Todate i've had almost 20,000 visiters from Canada,US and all around the world


  1. did you hear any good news in Canada about August 15th like allthose in the US? Is anyone in Canada exited about today?

  2. Yeah,i am too eagerly waiting for revaluation of Iraqi Dinar .This may take time as Iraq is stabilizing itself.Once Iraq will stabilize,Dinar will be the most valuable currency.Just waiting for that day.
    Keep posting.

  3. I like many follow the comments on the blogs of our American counterparts. Do you have any updates for us here in Canada and what we can expect come time for an exchange? rumour has it now that the exchange rate is 27.87 and today is the day for real.

    I contacted TD bank yet my foreign currency manager was clueless to assist me in any information. Is Scotia Bank the way to go? Who should I speak to at TD bank ( one of the suggested banks for this RV) a wealth manager?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  4. The people in the know are saying that private exchanges are now going on in the US. I tried my 2 banks, ATB Financial, Scotiabank and CalForEx but no one is exchanging dinar.

  5. Is anybody in Ottawa/Gatineau area willing to sell some IQD for Canadian at a fair rate?