Monday, June 4, 2012

How is June Looking for An Iraqi Dinar Revaluation

June is still looking very good for an Iraqi Dinar Revaluation.A lot is happening in Iraq this month.
The Un meets on the 15th regarding chapter 7 removal
Tarriffs going into effect at end of June
Iraq gets reviewed again for entry into WTO
Parliament is back from holidays
The biggest thing holding this up is the political crises in Iraq.Still too much bickering going on.Nothing being accomplished.
The Banks in Canada will not be doing anything until the revaluation.I'm working with the Scotia Bank.So if haven't already open up an account there and go on living your life.This will happen when it happens.
What ever you do,Do not give out any Personal  information  to be on the Okie Wells Fargo team.Okie predicts the Rv at least once a week and it hasn't happened yet.Most of these Gurus work for Dinar Traders.They get you all excited so you will buy more Dinars.If you have already bought all you can afford you are done.Don't get rapped up in all the Hype.
I will post on this Blog when the RV happens so you are covered.
 Thats all the info I have for now.Any questions email me
Take Care
Cash1324 out

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