Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well It is Tuesday and Still No RV

If i had a Dollar for every time Iraq takes a Holiday I wouldn't need The Dinars to be come Wealthy.Yes it seems they are on another holiday today Feb 15th.I heard they have 150 holidays a year(unbelievable).I've heard from a good source that they should have everything rapped up in the next 10 days.Remember though this is Iraq.They don't move too fast over there so be patient.this will happen
Things still to get done over there.
 They have to pass the budget in Parliament
 They still have one more seat to fill for Security to finish off the Gov

Reasons why they want to RV
They want to get into The World Trade Organization.Need A Tradable Currency.There is a 120 companies ready to move in and rebuilt the country but not at 1170/$1.00
Arab Summit in March,Sense of Pride
8 million starving people in Iraq(Big Protest coming up on Feb 25th if nothing done
Just a few but important reasons for RVing
Any Questions,Please Email me Thanks


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