Monday, February 7, 2011

Questions About The Dinar????

Good Morning
I had a few questions concerning the Dinar Value When it RV'S.

Do you think the Iraqi Dinar is going to go up to what it was worth before Desert Storm?
Right now the Dinar is at a fixed rate of 1168/1170  to 1 US Dollar.When it revalues in my opinion it will probably go the Approx  Value of The US Dollar to European Euro or $1.00 to $1.36 and then  float(market Driven) up to its old rate of $3.20 US .They could also do a double REVAL.Come out at a Buck,Give everyone 90 days to cash in and then Reval to Its old rate of $3.20.The reason for doing this is for saving money on buying back the currency.There is a possibility of them coming out at $3.20 who knows.They might want to be close to Kuwait Rate of $3.55
 In my opinion and my opinion only i can't see a reval at much less than a buck.It would create a buying spree on the Dinar by the Big Investors much like in the stock market.The CBI would lose control on their Currency.They could also let the currency float upward from its current of 1170/dollar which would also create a buying spree.

 Another Question I had was concening Trusts in Canada?
I phoned a Tax Specialist concerning Trusts this morning.He said trusts in Canada were used in Businesses for Control of the business IE(keep it in the Family) rather than a Tax Saving.
Also investing in Gold/Silver didn't work either for tax saving
 Ideas for cashing in Canada
A GOOD TAX Consultant(When consulting a Tax person don't mention Dinars(keep your info Private)We will probably be taxed either as Capital Gains or Income.(generalise)
Try paying any debt like mortgage,loans to Banks in Dinar
 Income splitting with Spouse
 Gifts for kids,give them Dinars
 Charitys,Churches pay them in Dinars
If you can afford it buy twice as much as you need to Retire to pay the taxes(idea only)problem don't know for sure what it wll reval at(i'm using a $1.00 for that)
Off Shore Corp(email Me)I will tell who i used.

If you have info regarding the Dinar you would like to Donate,please pass it on,so I can Post IT.


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