Friday, February 25, 2011

Iraqi trade requests from the United States to support Iraq to join the World Trade

Iraq Trade Ministry: Iraq’s WTO ascension; Asking for US support over next few days

Iraqi trade requests from the United States to support Iraq to join the World Trade

Baghdad, February 25 (Rn) – The Iraqi Ministry of Trade and the United States to support Iraq to join the World Trade Organization WTO.

The general director of economic relations Hashem, Hatem told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) on Friday that “the Iraqi Ministry of Trade has asked the U.S. embassy in Baghdad need to support the United States to Iraq on accession to the WTO during the next few days in order to develop the economic sector in the country.”

The Ministry of Commerce announced in Iraq January 29 last, that the WTO is “convinced” package of legislation approved by the Iraqi Council of Representatives to support the trade policy in the country.

Hatem added that “Iraq’s accession to the WTO means lifting the lid of the isolation system for Iraq’s commercial world, which lived for many years.”

He continued that “the U.S. embassy in Baghdad confirmed it would support Iraq significantly to join the World Trade Organization and support of the Iraqi economy to provide investment climates revive the economic reality in Iraq.”

Iraq seeks to obtain permanent membership in the WTO rather than an observer member, as is the case at this time.

The WTO was founded in 1995 and comprises 147 countries world as permanent members.

The organization aims to create economic world, preserves the rights of consumer and producer through an international system of laws through the full employment of state resources and prevent the sale of goods with non-universal impulse.
This is unconfirmed at this time.This another BIG STEP in our investment if confirmed.They have to have a tradable currency to be in WTO.

I was wondering if you could tell me about the legalities and income tax info on the purchase and cashing in of the dinar in Canada (ontario).
Yes it is legal to buy Iraqi Dinar in Canada.You can buy them at most Currency Exchange Places in Canada etec Yorkdale Mall.Most Chapter 7 sanctions have been lifted from the Dinar
Income taxes-The Dinars will probably taxed as either capital gains or income-check with your tax professional on this

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