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Oil Rich Iraqi Dinar 2011

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,I found this Article on another Blog.I thought it would show you how history has repeated it self with different currency.Please do not buy additional Dinar because of this.This is informtion only.

This is a very good article to share with others who you want to tell about the dinar opportunity. It’s also good for those who have just invested, and wonder if it’s real. It lists past precedents for making a lot of money from the revalue of a currency.

Some say opportunity knocks only once, other say it knocks all the time. But whatever suits you best, you have got to be ready when it comes. Many people became rich not because of mere chance but because of what they did when the chance came at their very footsteps. While the aftermath of any war is undoubtedly woeful, it could also be a source of wealth for many. In particular, it could create an amazing money-making opportunity.

A lot of our older generation folks missed out on becoming millionaires when they did not purchase Deutsche Marks when World War II caused the currency to plunge in value. Many people missed the opportunity to become millionaires when they did not purchase the Russian Ruble following the Cold War. And in the 90s a lot of people missed out the chance to become millionaires when they did not purchase Dinar in Kuwait at the time of Operation Desert Storm when it hit rock bottom.

Thank heavens, another opportunity to get rich is within our midst now. Yes you got it right; there is actually a great chance that you could become a millionaire in a nick of time by buying currencies at its low rate and waiting for it to revaluate.

It is widely assumed that the very same history of the Deutche Mark, Russian Ruble, and Kuwaiti Dinar will repeat itself in the mold of the Iraqi Dinar. Under Presidential Order 13303, US Citizens are now allowed to invest in the New Iraqi Dinar – extending the same rights to investment as that of an Iraqi citizen. Other investment alternatives such as Stocks, Currency, Bonds, Business and Real Estate in Iraq are also made possible under this order.

While a lot of people have pessimistic views on the future of Iraq, there are many things that you might want to know about the country and its potential for a phenomenal economic turn-around. In the following paragraphs, I will explain why investing in the new Iraqi Dinar proves to be an opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss, not in your whole lifetime.

Iraq is a tremendously wealthy nation considering its vast oil resources and potential Gross Domestic Product. It is argued that Iraq has the second largest oil natural gas reserves in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia. Its oil is among the world’s undemanding oil to drill and refine making cost production relatively low compared to other oil producers. This implies that the profit margins on their oil production are among the highest in the world.

Despite the damage suffered from a ruthless regime of Saddam Hussein and troubled history of conflicts and violence, Iraq is on the threshold to full recovery and economic stability. The involvement of the United States and other allies is a strong indication that Iraq will not be left to decay into a state of instability. No Western or Middle Eastern nation is going to watch on the sideline while Iraqi’s vast oil deposits and riches succumb lamentably under the control of a rouge country or mutiny.

Because Iraq is a strategic country in the Middle East with incredible potential wealth, it is in the best interest of goodwill nations, as well as in the best interest of the entire world for Iraq to be successful economically and politically. Wise leaders of our world understand that stability and enhanced productivity can curb the occurrence of insurgencies. And to achieve that, the quality of life of Iraqis must be ensured.

Iraqi people are a proud race and would want nothing less than to return to being a major player in the Middle East. And with the current positive developments, everything seems to be pointing towards a healthier, more vibrant economy. It is still too early to draw conclusions about Iraq’s rise to economic freedom. However, many experts would tell you that within the next few months, maybe a year or two, the change would be inevitable.

The history of the oil-rich Iraqi displays strong potential for growth. At one time, the Iraq’s currency was worth over 3000 times what it is currently worth today ($3.2 = 1 Iraqi Dinar). If the Iraq money were to reach a value equivalent to its historical rate of $3.20 US dollars per Iraqi Dinar, the value of an approximate $1000 US dollar of Iraq currencyinvestment for 1 million Iraq money would be worth $3,200,000 US Dollars. Let’s just say the value of the Iraq currency will increase only to that of the lowest valued currency in the mainstream Middle East (or $0.26 = 1 Iraqi Dinar), that would still mean that your $1,000 would be worth $260,000. Either way, it is a big win-win situation for investors like you!

To support this theory, the currency has steadily increased in value since the 2003 invasion. This is an indication that Iraq is well on its way to a recovering economy as well as an increase in exchange its rich natural resources.

Another compelling reason surrounding the value increase of this currency is the current spending of the United States Government in the rebuilding efforts of Iraq. It seems to suggest that the US is expecting a substantial boon in the near future that will cover government spending and debts.

It is quite safe to speculate that the risk for the Iraq money to decrease in value is very minimal. As a matter of fact, history and logic would tell us that it will be the other way around. Investing would be worth investigating.


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