Friday, April 13, 2012

Anything New Regarding The Iraqi Dinar for Canadians

New Window,April 15th till June 15th
April 15th meeting with Kuwait regarding chapter 7,If everything goes well could trigger RV
National meeting is being scheduled for next week and the Amnesty Law was sent to the House for a vote. The last meeting on the 5th was a bust because the Iraqi List boycotted all meetings until the terms of the Erbil agreement are implemented and they see the adoption of the Amnesty Law. Political blocs are tired of the procrastination of the Erbil power sharing agreement and the UN also addressed the need for this to be resolved for Iraq to move forward and become an economic leader not only regionally but globally. (Copied this from internet)
Tarriff laws go into effect starting June 1st,sort of useless without a RVed currency
UN has a new meeting scheduled for middle of June regarding chapter 7 removal for Iraq.This could be moved up if everything goes well on April 15th/2012.
 So next week looks hot but we still have to wait and see if Iraq screws things up again.The Kurds want the oil and gas law done and have threatened to pull out if not done soon.
 So this is were we stand could be good could be same old.Time will tell
 Please don't depend on this for future income .I realize a lot of us are in a difficult situation but there is a possibility this might never happen or could take a long time yet.We hope not though
 I have had a few emails regarding buying Dinars in Canada.If anyone knows a place let me know


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