Friday, March 16, 2012

Iraqi Dinar For Canadians,Will it happen before The Arab Summit Mar 29th,2012

Good Morning everyone,I thought i would drop in and give an update on the Iraqi Dinar for Canadians.
 The Iraqi PM Maliki had successful talks with Kuwait this week concerning outstanding issues having to do with being released from chapter 7.
The Arab Summit is still on for Mar 28,29/2012,Good News.Its a wait and see if it RVs before this big event.
The Iraqi parliament had their recess cancelled,meaning they have too much work to get done.More good news.
They have a committe set up to educate the people about whats happening regarding their currency.
   I also talked to my Scotia Bank contct and Scotia will be dealing with The Iraqi Dinar once it revalues and becomes a world tradeable currency.Confirmed
 We will have to wait until it actually happens before I have more  info on spread and timing of cash in.I would think around 24 to 48 hrs.I have a large group that is interested in cashing out with me with Scotia so our spread should be pretty good.
 Any questions please email me and I'll get back to you.


  1. Will we need to coordinate with our branches as well?

  2. I wouldn't bother until the RV happens.All branches will be on board once this happens

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