Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wil the Rv Happen in March,Iraq Dinar for Canadians?

A lot of excitment concerning the possible Rv of the Iraqi Dinar during the month of March
Some reasons for this happening in March
Iraqi Budget for 2012 is passed,not sure if implemented yet
PM Maliki going to Kiwait  on March 14th to settle differences and hopefully get out of chapter 7
Arab Summit coming up March 27th,not cancelled yet which is a good sign.Everyone is thinking Iraq wants a world tradeable currency going into the Summit.
The steady stream of articles coming out of Iraq and CBI about deleting the 3 zeros
Parliament back in session Mar 6th
The 3 factions,Shites,Sunni and Kurds seem to be working together to get this done.Working on HCL law
My 3 possible pics for this to happen in my opinion is Mar 8,Mar 15,Mar 22,.They do all their voting for new laws on ThursdayMy favorite is Mar 15th.We shall see.
Cash 1324

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