Saturday, February 4, 2012

Update on the Iraqi Dinar for Canadians,No RV Yet

Good Morning,
This week we had some of the Dinar Gurus announce an Iraqi Dinar Rv.It did not happen,I repeat it did not happen.I will post on my Blog here when it does happen.Just remember this is not a for sure investment,there is a possibility this will not happen.In my opinion there are only 2 guarantees in life,death and taxes.
 If you scroll down to the bottom of those websites it says for entertainment purposes only.So that tells you most of the Gurus on there are just that Entertainment
  It does look like the three groups in the Iraqi Gov are talking again,heres hoping they can keep it going.
 Iraq is not completely out of chapter 7 yet but talks with Kuwait are promising.
We looking  for the HCL law to be passed which has to do with The Distribution of the Gas and Oil Revenues,looks promising too.
The 2012 budget not passed yet but promised in next few days
They are still looking for a interior and defense minister for gov completion.
 So lets hope they keep their act together and GETR Done.
 Any Questions Please Email  Me


  1. Do you know for sure that Bank of Nova Scotia will exchange Iraqi Dinar if it is revalued?

    1. Hi Robin,Yes the Scotia Bank will be exchanging the Dinar once the Dinar revalues and becomes a world tradeable currency.Right now it referred to as an exotic currency and only good within Iraq.

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