Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome To 2012,Still No RV ON the Iraqi Dinar For Canadians But Still Positive Outlook

Happy NewYear Everyone.Lets hope 2012 is our year for the RV of The Iraqi Dinar.
 The American Forces have moved out  and their has been a little strife between the 3 Groups of people,Shites,Sunni and Kurds  in their minority Govt but that was expected.It probably would have been better if they RVed before the Troops left but that didn't happen.Everything is still positive and moving forward and that is good news.Everyone needs to be patient and let this play out .
 I have had a few questions regarding cashing out in the States.Just remember you will be dealing with 2 governments (US ,Can).It could be  a little tricky especially if you bought the Dinars in the States.I would make sure you have an LLC set up and a international  tax consultant available if you are dealing with a lot of money.(This is my Opinion only).I don't want to scare any one.
Regarding cashing out at Canadian Banks . All or most of the banks will be dealing with the Iraqi Dinar once it RVs and becomes an International Traded Currency.Right now it is an Exotic Currencey and only used in Iraq..Please don"t Pester The banks for Information,they either don't know or can't tell you until The RV happens(insider Trading Laws.I'll be dealing with Scotia Bank once it RVs to get the best rate possible.I can't do it now due to lack of information regarding Rate And Date,Spread etec.You are welcome to join me at Scotia or do your own thing.I'll have a code to send out to everyone interested once it RVs.
 Thank you for all the support and any questions,please email them to me

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