Sunday, December 11, 2011

Whats Happening This Week Regarding the Iraqi Dinar For Canadians?

This week looks like it could be exciting
First of all we have the Iraqi Parliament back to work after another 10 day Recess
We have the Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki In US having a chat with US President Obama on the 12th Discussing Investments in Iraq.
On The !5th we have The UN Discussing the Iraqi/Kuwait Border issues which is Part of Chapter 7 Sanctions
We have US Army Progressing  with their Departure from Iraq.
We have been hearing about a lot of Oil Contracts happening Exon/ Mobile,Shell(HCL)
Things are happening,I hope this Roller Coaster Will  Be Over Real.Soon.
  Just Remember there is no 100% Guaranttee  an RV will ever happen.Only invest what you can afford to lose.
 Bank employees,Forex employees,etec either don't know or won't tell you (because of Insider Trading Laws) Rate or Date.
This Week through till Jan /2012 In My Opinion Is Looking Good
Iraq has the 3rd largest Reserves of Oil in the world plus Natural Gas and other minerals.They are going a Very Rich Country and a leader in the Middle east.Just remember this is the Middle East.
I will post on here when the RV happens
Cash out

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