Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whats Happening?Will it RV before 2012?Regarding the Iraqi Dinar for Canadians

According to The updates this morning VP Joe Biden met with Iraq PM Maliki and Iraq is now a full sovereign nation.Lets hope they get a Tradeable Currency soon.Maliki will be visiting Obama in Washington later this month.
The US Troops will be out before the end of Dec/11
Still no HCL passed in Parliament but could happen today,They vote on Draft Laws every Thursday in Iraq.
Stay tuned lets see what happens

I had this mailed to me ,I've heard this info from an accountant also,but not verified

Most accountants have little to no experience with currency traders, so you will need this Information which I recieved from Revenue Canada, and not a web site or another persons Interpetation. This is REVENUE CANADA talking, a real person.

Under Canadian tax laws we are subject to taxes under Regulation P4037, Section 17, paragraph 12-15. This directly relates to currency traders and tax Implications.

In basic English, its as follows: (Example only) You take your 1 million from selling your Dinars, divide by two. No tax on first $500,000 or 50%. From the second $500,000 Minus your Investment money, say $1000.00. then minus $200.00. The remainder you pay tax on based on your yearly tax rate. 

I will try and confirm this

Cash out

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