Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Iraqi Dinar For Canadians Still looking Positive For RV after Nov 20 2011

The Iraqi Parliament  gets back to work officially starting Nov 20/11.I guess there has been some work going on  since the 10th.It is believed that they will passing the HCL and Eribil agreement shortly afterwards.Chapter 7 final restrictions should be released also.The US forces are busy moving out and should be all out by end of Dec.
Inflation is at 7.6 % getting close to double digits so i think there is an urgencey to get this done.
 Remember this is Iraq and delays can happen.I'm just giving you an outlook as of right now.

 I haven't heard a lot of response regarding cashing out at Scotia.If i don't hear anything soon  i will assume you will be doing your own thing regarding cash out.
 The next 2 to 3 weeks are looking very positive for this .Lets hope Iraq gets it done.I will update as I hear more information
Any Questions

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