Friday, November 11, 2011

Where Are We At Regarding The Iraqi Dinar?

Its been awhile since i posted on here.I've heard a lot of information and misinformation as always.Everything at this time still seems quite positive.I'm getting predictions of an RV anywhere between now and early Dec.
 Right now we have the parliament from what i heard back to work(not verified yet).They still haven't announced  the 2 defense ministers but they are suppose to be in England on Dec 6 and 7th regarding a security trade show.
HCL Erbill agreement ,chapter 7 not officially announced as passed yet
We have the US troops leaving and a higher inflation rate 7.3 % ,haven't heard Oct rate yet,This is good news for our investment especially if inflation comes out higher.
 Lets really hope they get this done soon
  Once this RV's I'll be talking with Scotia Bank regarding getting the best spread possible .I will post the spread on here.You will then take a code to your own Scotia  Bank to get the best spread possible,(spread is difference between rate of exchange and what the bank will pay you for your Dinar
Example  rvs at 1.00 dollar,bank pays you .97 cents spread 3 cents(this is a sample only)
 Please remember volume counts .The more people we can get to cash out at Scotia the better the spread we can get.
Contact me if you want to do this,i need a number to take to the bank ,use a username to contact me if you don't want to use your real name,but send me an email with any questions and if your in

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