Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where Are We Regarding The Iraqi Dinar Revalue?

Still no Positive Proof of the following
1 The GOI being completely formed,Still need 2 security Ministers
2 The Hydro Carbon Law being HCL being confirmed(passed),Chapter 7 fully lifted
How long we will have to wait ?Who knows!Iraq is on there own timetable.It still looks like it could happen at any time or it could be a ways off.
I have never seen so much positive information in favour of a RV happening right away but to date it hasn't happened yet.The best thing everyone could do is go on about your Business.A kettle takes longer to  boil  when it is being watched.
Regarding Cash out when it RVs
I have new info That As of right now Dinar Banker and Dinar Trade will not have places to cash out in Canada.Possible places to cash out in Canada once this RVs is
Banks,Credit unions,Currency Exchanges.Travelling to the states to cash out,(Not recommended by me ,could get nailed for extra taxes )
 I'm going to be using The Scotia Bank  once it RVs to cash out.I will continue talking with them once it RVs.The bigger the group we have the better the Spread( Rate) will be for us.Let me know if your interested and open an account at Scotia,its free.
Any Questions please email me

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