Friday, February 17, 2012

How is the Iraq Dinar for Canadians Proggressing?

Hi I just wanted to give you brief update on our investment the Iraqi dinar for Canadians.
  It looks like there will be a vote on the 2012 budget  this monday.Still lots of chatter on oil and gas law being passed by end of February.Everyone seems to getting along and working together to move Iraq forward.We have the Arab Summit coming up in the city of Baghdad end of March this year.We have the kuiwait election over ,Maliki should be making a trip there regarding chapter 7 sanctions being lifted.Also the kuiwaits have reopened their embassy in Baghdad after a 7 month absence.
  So we have lots of positive news coming out of Iraq concerning our investment of the Iraq Dinar for Canadians.
Any questions please email me.If you plan on using Scotia Bank for cash out with me  please make sure you set up a free account in advance.
Cash1324  out

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