Thursday, August 25, 2011

Still No Iraqi Dinar REVALUE YET,Still Close Though

It is in my opinion that we could see something happen with the Iraqi Dinar Revalue after their Ramadan Celebration is over which is Monday August 29/11.
 From what i'm hearing Iraq has been busy all month preparing for this.
From what i'm hearing we can no longer buy Dinar in Canada.Contential Currency Exchange has shut down the selling of Dinars.I also heard there is tighter restrictions on buying Dinars in The States too.
 You still may be able to buy through Ebay,but be carefull going that route
 Like I said I think we are close and i will be updating more frequent as good info comes in.I will also be posting when the RV happens and giving further information on cashing in(Canada) soon after.
Please be patient in case this is delayed again but it's looking close.Any question please email me

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