Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moving from Soon Mode To Close Mode With The Iraqi Dinar

Good morning ,
Yesterday I got information that Iraq was taking their Hydro Carbon Law (HCL) to Parliament for a Vote.When this happens they should be released from chapter 7 sanctions and RV.Remember I said Should.This is The Middle East,anything can happen.
 When The Dinar RV's I'll post it on here.It probably will take 48 to 72 hrs before we can cash in.I'll be on the phone to all the Banks,Exchanges,Traders to see where we can get the best deal.If we go as a Large Group we will be able to get a Better Spread..Our Group will be called( Iraqi Dinar Canada).If interested email me and let me know.
 Remember this could move like a Rabbit or like a Turtle.Hang in there and be Patient.It will come
Take Care

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